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Vietnam ideas

(program on VTV 8/10/2005)

VSpeech is one of the best softwares for Vietnamese computer users and was considered as the first software for Vietnamese speech recognition in computer.

3D City Map by RADLib


3rd prize of "Vietnamese Talent" contest has belong to the youngest team from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology with product RADLib - graphics library for developers.

Control computer by voice

“Computer users can now control their PCs by simply using their voices as a new software called VSpeech has been created by a group of Ho Chi Minh City polytechnic students. VSpeech ( entitles users to launch programs, enter their favorite Web sites, and open any documents without ever touching the keyboard or mouse…”

Control computer by

Vietnamese voice

“With the evolution of Information Technology, editing documents in computer have become a work of many people. This work requires lots of time and may be difficult for people having little knowledge about computer. Another way to do this work is using voice. There are many softwares which help people to do this, but they only support English. What do you do if you want to use Vietnamese? There is a Vietnamese speech recognition software and allow users to control their computer by using voice called VSpeech from BK02, a team from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technologies, released at the end of 2004””

Voice command for PC


"VSpeech does not only assist people in editing documents but also help them to control all computers’ works by voice using Vietnamese commands. With the size about 1.5 MB; VSpeech has surpassed many speech products in the world”

Vietnam must to be

on the IT map

“…3DProS? - a special product. It was designed by a student form Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to allow users create 3D animations and solve lots of graphic problems...'‘

3DProS and
the race
to Brasil

"...3DProS is a 3D programming tool. It was designed to allow users to create 3D animations easily and quickly. It was developed by using DirectX 9 and Visual Studio .NET 2003. The best advantage of it is simplicity: it's very easy to use... "

Microsoft News


...Ngon Pham developed a programming tool dubbed 3DProS that is designed to help people create 3-D animation sequences and solve graphic problems easily by dragging and dropping. 3DProS was developed using DirectX 9.0 and the Microsoft .NET Framework...
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